Working on garden plans!


So many plants, so little time and maybe space!  Spring is right around the corner and I’m trying to finalize my list of what exactly I’m going to plant – that’s always the hardest part for me because there are so many great ones.  

There is one very special plant, however that I know without a doubt, is going in – Calendula. Why so special?  Take a nature walk over to my latest article at Heirloom Gardener to find out…you may be adding another plant to your garden too!

Welcome to my Wild World!

I am working hard to fill these pages with informative nutrition and nature tidbits…but as the title suggests, life can get pretty wild!

My intent for you all will be to help guide you through the crazy nutrition world we live in and help make sense of it all in a realistic, easy to manage way.  I’ve worked with thousands of people over the last 16 years – I get it!

Herbal remedies, nature therapy, nutrition therapy, growing your own (food/herbs that is) – are all topics (among many others) I will be chatting with you all about.  Young and old, doesn’t matter – I’ve got something for everyone!

Life is wild and humorous – as is my approach to nutrition…hope to have you along for the ride!

While you’re waiting, check out my recent post at Heirloom Gardener about herbs/spices to help take the winter chill out!

Keeping it wild,